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2 Night Branson Getaway Package

JIm Stafford Show Comedy Show Family Friendly Fun Hamner Barber Variety Show Hamner Barber Theater

Enjoy a relaxing two days and two nights in beautiful Branson, Missouri. The 2-Day Branson Getaway Package promises guests to Branson a fun-filled entertaining experience that includes accommodation at one of the city’s most comfortable hotels, packed with amenities, and two outstanding stage shows, performed by some of Branson’s top-entertainers.

Your hotel will offer you spacious and charming guests suites that include all of the amenities you need to ensure that your stay in Branson is enjoyable, comfortable, and above all that it is relaxing. After enjoying freshly-brewed coffee and a delectable fresh hot breakfast, you can head on out to see just how much Branson has to offer.

The entertainment portion of your 2-Day Branson Getaway Package will kick off with the Jim Stafford Show, which is one part comedic genius, one part inspired musical, and a whole lot of heart-warming stories and moments. Host Jim Stafford serves up a masterful performance each and every time he takes the stage. Jim is an accomplished musician and proudly demonstrates his prowess on a host of musical instruments, including the banjo, harmonica, fiddle, piano, and of course the guitar, of which he is a classical music master. Jim shares with his audience touching stories of the human spirit, delivering them with the flourish of a true performer who effortlessly connects with his audience.

The Jim Stafford show is filled with a little bit of magic, dazzling dancers, and enough humor to keep you laughing long after the final curtain call.

Next on your itinerary will be the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular Hamner Barber Variety Show. You’ll be thoroughly captivated as magical marvels Dave and Denise Hamner dazzle you with illusions you simply won’t see anywhere else. The globe-trotting Hamners have been featured on NBC’s “World’s Greatest Magic,” and after taking in one of their award-winning performances, you’ll easily appreciate their talents. The Hamners awe-inspiring illusions are just one part of the amazing performance this dynamic duo offers up. When their vibrantly colored tropical birds emerge seemingly out of thin air and glide easily over the audience, you may just find yourself gasping with surprise and delight.

The Hamner Barber Show also proudly features Jim Barber and his incredible ventriloquist characters, which all do their part to leave you in stitches. Jim Barber is easily recognized as one of the world’s most incredibly talented ventriloquists, and after watching him perform with his characters on stage, you’ll readily understand why.

The Hamner Barber Variety Show combines a talented troupe of dancers and singers with magic that will inspire awe, and comedy that will have you rolling in the aisles.

The 2-Day Branson Getaway Package is the ideal quick get-away choice for couples seeking a romantic retreat, or families looking to get away for a few days. Your two days and two nights will be filled with all of the luxurious amenities offered by your hotel suite, plenty of on-stage entertainment, and the opportunity to spend some time sightseeing around some of the popular destinations that call Branson home.

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  • Hamner Barber Variety Show
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