Who does vacation house rules?

Scott McGillivray is a Canadian businessman, investor, television presenter, author and educator. McGillivray is the host and executive producer of the Income Property series, a home renovation program on HGTV Canada and DIY Network; and HGTV and DIY. Wikipedia He is a contractor, real estate investor and presenter of vacation home rules. HGTV host Scott McGillivray has been helping people renovate their homes under vacation home rules for two seasons.

If you're like us, you probably see the Vacation Home Rules and dream of owning your own vacation home for rent or, at least, staying in one of the properties in the program. For viewers with vacation rentals that need renovation and who want to appear in the Vacation Home Rules, there are a few, well, rules. McGillivray and his wife and daughters divided their time between their main house in Ontario and another in Fort Myers, Florida, as Good Housekeeping noted. With two seasons and 23 episodes under its belt already, and 12 more episodes in Season 3, Vacation House Rules shows just how much potential rentals can have and add the fun of the vacation.

Scott McGillivray is used to helping others achieve their vacation rental dreams with his hit HGTV Canada series, Scott's Vacation House Rules. Mother-son team Elli and Clark desperately need Scott's help to transform their neglected cabin into a successful vacation rental. They desperately need Scott's help to transform the messy and gloomy design into a bright, spacious vacation rental that helps them build their savings. With property taxes and maintenance fees skyrocketing, Tara-Lee and Bryan need their little-used vacation rental to start paying for themselves.

As for vacation home rules, Scott McGillivray leads every vacation home renovation with a little help from designer Debra Salmoni. His blog, available on his website, includes helpful articles, such as 5 questions to ask yourself before buying a vacation home. After buying a million-dollar party house where privacy and walls weren't a priority, Chris and David desperately need Scott's help to turn it into a successful vacation rental. Throughout the program, Scott has helped several homeowners transform their vacation homes into homes that will earn them some money.

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