Who is the contractor on vacation house rules?

Scott McGillivray wasn't always the HGTV clean contractor we know and love today. See the varied looks of the Vacation House Rules host from past years. Scott McGillivray is a man of supreme real estate talent. He is also, apparently, a man of many appearances.

Scott McGillivray has been helping many people renovate their homes according to vacation home rules. Here's a look at who his wife Sabrina McGillivray is as we explore the HGTV host's relationship. With your guide, even the most neglected and uninhabitable properties will be transformed into unique, beautiful and profitable vacation homes for visitors to enjoy. Renovation Resort enlists Bryan Baeumler to help McGillivray turn his recently purchased lakeside resort from total disaster into a one-of-a-kind vacation rental.

Scott helps two homeowners upgrade their secluded but dilapidated lakefront home in a cozy, pet-friendly vacation getaway. McGillivray, relying on his years of experience in real estate and renovation, will teach families how to purchase their vacation property and unlock its full rental potential. Relying on his years of experience in real estate and smart renovations, Scott will teach families how to take their vacation property and unlock its full rental potential. Contractor and real estate expert Scott McGillivray proves that homeowners don't need a million dollars to own their dream vacation home in the HGTV series Vacation House Rules.

Throughout the program, Scott has helped several homeowners transform their vacation homes into homes that will earn them some money. A holiday hideaway high in the trees offers a panoramic view of the lake, but the house itself is in great need of updates. Scott and Debra create a golf theme that turns their unattractive brown box into a country club-inspired vacation rental. In the new series, Vacation House Rules, McGillivray will prove that you don't need to break the bank to buy that dream vacation home.

A couple of landlords want to fix up the family vacation home in hopes of attracting renters and creating savings. In the second season, a shady cabin transforms into a family retreat, a lakeside cabin rises to a five-star winter sanctuary, an abandoned art studio becomes a stylish vacation rental.

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